Market Research

Market research is a critical component to product success. It provides a foundation of information from which to make decisions and plans.  Research can determine prospective customers, feasibility of a product or service, perceived competition, current market challenges, and a host of other information based on your organization’s specific questions.

Leveraging our connections in school communities, GreyED Solutions is able to conduct market research with high quality, leading decision makers whose opinions, perspective and experience can help your organization be successful.

GreyED Solutions conducts primary information research, engaging education thought leaders in either scripted or open-ended interviews to give your organization the best and most detailed information available to help you make informed decisions.

How a typical market research project works:

  • An exploratory conversation with GreyED Solutions to determine your specific research needs
  • GreyED develops the interview question set
  • You select the types of leaders you would like interviewed for your research
  • GreyED recruits education leaders that match your criteria
  • GreyED conducts the interviews, which are typically 45 minutes in length
  • Each interview is recorded and detailed notes are documented
  • GreyED writes a summary report of all the findings

Findings from this type of market research can be used for the creation of white papers to help promote your organization’s product or service. A white paper can pack a lot of information about your company into a concise, easy to understand format for readers. The benefits of this may include:

  • Promotion of your company’s brand
  • Lead generation
  • Contribution to thought leadership
  • Understandable information into the hands of decision makers
  • Reasons why a customer should select your product or service over another
If you have questions about your market or your product, get in touch with GreyED Solutions. We can help you get the answers you need!